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Kwan was established in September 2003, in the beginning, we focus on the cosmetic and health food business.

  • Mid of 2004
    by the growing of business, Kwan decided to invest the Spirulina for our main health food, we export the Spirulina powder to Canada and Germany and many countries. With our high quality service, customer ask us to help them produce their own brand products, such as spirulina powder, capsule, tablets.
  • 2007年
    Kwan produce the first own branded product, “Ocean Vegetable” spirulina tablet. Even Ocean Vegetable is a small and new brand in Taiwan, but our quality help us to share the health food market.
  • 2008年
    Kwan researched a new design of foot care product, this is the famous Exfoliating foot socks, we produce the plastic sock with the high efficiency callus removal cream. This is a brand new patent design in Cosmetic market. In Taiwan market, we win a big success, in the summer of 2008, we have the first overseas client in HK, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore.
  • 2011年
    Exfoliating socks into the European market, our international business partner increasing fast and happy to work with us.
  • 2012年
    we developed the fragrance-free ingredient for exfoliating socks, this is the most efficiency formula, and no pollution, no allergy problem.
  • 2016年
    from the requirement of customers, we developed a brand new style of exfoliating socks, we call it Exfoliating Heel Socks.

New things are coming soon!

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